Our robes are born from the need to wear a quality garment in compliance with the criteria of the Order’s tradition. Each Robe is made using fine materials and adorned with cord and bib that enhance its appearance. Thanks to a careful selection of fabrics, such as the very fine Wool 130’s by Marzotto, we give the opportunity to choose the product that best suits the needs of our customers.


Our robes are also embellished with an embroidery of the “Name and Surname” in Gold or Silver, depending on the needs and taste of each customer. Our passion for tradition leads Sartoria Leonardo every day to research and test the best fabrics to make each garment unique and comfortable.


    • SIZE 115 for people up to 165cm tall
    • SIZE 120 for people between 166 and 175cm tall
    • SIZE 125 for people of height between 176 and 185cm
    • SIZE 130 for people over 185cm tall

Are you looking for a gown that respects the tradition of the Order, but would also like it to be personalized with your Name and Surname, in Gold or Silver?