Each tailor-made garment by Sartoria Leonardo is a unique product that is handmade by expert craftsmen.
At our Atelier it is possible to create the suit or suit according to the requests and needs of each customer, without limits imposed by classic or conformed sizes, thus making the garment perfect for those who wear it. Every single detail is customizable. The customer can first choose the style, the color, the cut also depending on the occasion in which he or she wishes to wear it.
After taking measurements, we create and archive each customer’s pattern so that it can be used for subsequent orders.
Book your appointment at our Atelier or request the home measurement service, our tailors will be happy to guide you in choosing the perfect suit and shirt for you.


Sartoria Leonardo bespoke shirts are carefully manifactured in Italy according to our great sartorial tradition.Each shirt is designed for both women and men and made according to the customer’s needs and also on the occasion on which it will be worn. The fabric is chosen from a wide range carefully selected by our shirt makers.

The customer can customize his shirt by choosing all the details, such as the different types of collars, cuffs and pleats. Finally, the embroidery of the initials, a detail that gives an elegant touch of personality to the shirt.


The choice of fabric is a fundamental step for creating the perfect garment. The tailors of Sartoria Leonardo seasonally select the best fabrics for shirts and suits from the most renowned Italian and international manufacturers in order to offer only the best to their customers. Thanks to their advice you can choose the best fabric for your suit and shirt.

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To make an appointment it is necessary to book by phone at +39 02 4800 3735 or by filling out the form: our tailors will be happy to receive every customer in our artisan tailoring or to arrange an appointment at home.